Red lighter flint (x8)

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New S.T. Dupont lighter refills and flints

Keep up the momentum of prestige with compatible lighter refills and flints for your S.T. Dupont model and reuse it with ease. Our refills have the dual advantage of working both for the lifespan of your cigar lighter and the well-being of the planet. The gas contained inside these refills is in line with the Maison’s tradition and durability while remaining as friendly to the environment as possible.

Thanks to their lightness, these next-generation refills offer better operability than preceding versions. They do not depart from any of S.T. Dupont’s principles: offering authenticity, quality, elegance and prestige. With an alluring design, their rounded contours make them flexible and comfortable to hold.

The benefits of S.T. Dupont refills

It is necessary to follow the precautions for use to easily refill your luxury item. These products are part of an enhanced line-up of premium cartridges and can be installed rapidly in your lighters, offering increased safety during use. The steps are simple, but caution is advised for optimum results.

Precautions for the use of luxury lighters and premium refills

Keep your equipment out of reach of children. Never store in temperatures above 50°C and refill in a ventilated area.
- Secure the gas refill to the valve.
- Turn the equipment upside down.
- Press and gently hold the container for five seconds.
Refills use colour codes depending on the lighter type. Follow the codes to choose the most appropriate model.

Lighter refills and flints

Each lighter model and its dedicated refill:
● Black refills: Liberté, Ligne 2 Torch, Maxijet, Minijet, Ultrajet, X-Tend.
● Red refills: Défi Extrême, cylindrical table lighters and Jeroboam.
● Blue refills: D Light, Ligne 8, Soubreny, Urban, Ligne D and Mon Dupont by Karl Lagerfeld.
● Yellow refills: Ligne 1, Ligne 2 and long table lighters.
● Green refills: Gatsby and small Ligne 2 models.

S.T. Dupont flints

If the ignition system does not work after refilling the lighter, check if the flint needs to be changed. S.T. Dupont offers packs of eight flints in black, red and blue corresponding to the compatible models.
● Black: Gatsby, Ligne 1, Ligne 2, small Ligne 2 models, Soubreny, Urban, cylindrical Jeroboam and long table lighters.
● Red: Liberté, Ligne 8, Ligne D and Mon Dupont by Karl Lagerfeld.
● Blue: D Light.

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