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Lighten the load with luxury travel bags

Do you prefer to travel light without compromising on the sophisticated style that you love? S.T. Dupont offers this precise combination, which blends materials to perfection. With a smooth and soft appearance, cowhide leather is skilfully used in moderation to keep these bags light. This gives these travel bags exceptional hold and excellent resistance. The leather is paired with textile materials that are flexible and soft to the touch, like felt, oilskin, cotton, Flyknit or nylon, depending on the model. Its minimalist patchwork effect will win you over and add an increasingly chic dimension to your travels. Its little bonus? Most of the materials are highly resistant to shock, moisture and UV rays.

Understated and timeless design

True elegance always results in understated pieces. For this reason, S.T. Dupont offers luxury travel bags with a stylish yet sleek look. Their designs can be classic, vintage or laid-back to adapt to all your travels, whether a business trip or a getaway to the other side of the world. Available in a rectangular or duffel version for a touch of originality, these bags are adorned with a two-tone aesthetic or tonal harmonies. In addition to the classic black or white, there are also blue, brown or beige variations to opt for something different without ever straying from a distinguished taste.

Meticulous artistry down to the finest detail

Bags from the S.T. Dupont label are embellished with minute details, which showcase their high quality. Discreetly placed on the front or designed as a shoulder strap, the tricolour band on these travel bags confirms that they are completely manufactured in France, a guarantee of excellent production and choice of materials. The S.T. Dupont logo adds a refined finish as the brand’s signature. Emphasised by an embossed leather plaque or accentuated by aged gold letters, they are undeniably charming pieces that you will love to carry around.

Luxury models suitable for all circumstances

An expert in leather goods, S.T. Dupont has designed practical and lightweight bags for travelling and daily activities. Accompanied with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, they also feature sturdy leather handles for ease of travel. With some models available in a standard or mini version, they have ample storage space with a generous central pocket. You can easily fill your bag and access your belongings thanks to their zip closure. These luxury travel bags also have interior and exterior pockets with zip fasteners or snap flaps. They are ideal for quickly fetching what you need. You can also safely store your card holders, wallet or pen. There is a large range of accessories that you can also find on the S.T. Dupont site to complete your luxury set.

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