Luxury cufflinks to brighten up your outfits

For decades, our Mason has been passionate about fine items, luxurious accessories and elegant designs. We love embellishing your looks with unique accessories. S.T. Dupont cufflinks are a perfect example. Crafted by our teams like real goldsmith’s gems, they will proudly showcase your personality in its entirety. Asserting your distinguished nature, they are a perfect reflection of your lifestyle. Made from exceptional materials, they are available in original styles as well as classic or contemporary versions. Our different collections embody a rich diversity designed to represent each facet of your personality.

Luxurious materials for a unique design

Our luxury cufflinks add a remarkably distinctive look to your shirts. Their original design lies in craftsmanship using the finest materials. Boasting a natural elegance, yellow gold highlights curves and features exquisite shapes. Palladium demonstrates its full potential coated in a natural lacquer. Gleaming with a palette of neutral colours and more intense shades, lapis lazuli is further enhanced by the surrounding lacquered metal. Beautiful motifs bring our collections to life, such as our famous guilloche engraving with a textured surface and contrasting velvety touch. And of course, our signature S.T. Dupont logo can be found on each cufflink, engraved with a considerable flair for calligraphy.

A variety of styles for a look full of elegance

S.T. Dupont cufflinks are the perfect way to personalise your outfits elegantly. Our stylists can offer a wide selection of models to suit your tastes. You can also adapt your looks according to the occasion. Our designs notably include the Derby motif featuring a superb, lacquered palladium for a chic, dandy style. Transform plain shirts with exceptionally colourful and reflective stones. From white to black, including intense blues, they are available in many colours — the choice is yours. We love combining mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli or even hawk eye with sliver, golden or lacquered boxes. Their graphic silhouette will revitalise a classic wardrobe.

Exceptional gifts to cherish for a lifetime

Our luxury cufflinks are an ideal gift idea for those who share our passion for deluxe items. They have stood out with the same distinction that has appealed to generations since 1892. Elegantly revealing a sharp sense of style and love for fine items, they offer an opportune moment to treat loved ones. Their original features make them equally delightful to give and receive. With S.T. Dupont, feelings are expressed on a daily basis and during major life events. Our collections encapsulating French luxury will accompany you throughout your life, with the same intensity as the very first time.

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