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limited edition

Collector set from Paris with Love

limited edition

Lighter Ligne 2 From Paris with love

limited edition

Space Odyssey Premium Ligne 2 lighter

limited edition

Space Odyssey Prestige Ligne 2 lighter

Candle Lighter The Wand Red Waves Gold

Candle Lighter The Wand Blue Chrome

Candle Lighter The Wand Brushed Gold

Candle Lighter The Wand Brushed Chrome

Candle Lighter The Wand White Gold

Candle Lighter The Wand Black Chrome

Défi Extrême green camouflage lighter

Défi Extrême blue camouflage lighter

Maxijet brushed chrome lighter

E-Slim black and chrome lighter

web exclusive

Solid 18-carat Haute Création Ligne 2 white gold lighter

web exclusive

Solid 18-carat Haute Création Ligne 2 yellow gold lighter

Hooked Aper-O lighter

Hooked Bob-O lighter

Hooked Monr-O lighter

Hooked Tatto-O lighter

Hooked Dild-O lighter

Hooked Ronald-O lighter

Hooked Mexic-O lighter

Hooked Sad-O lighter

Hooked Fueg-O lighter

Hooked Dunk-O lighter

Slim 7 black and golden finish lighter

Défi Xxtrême white lighter

Défi Xxtrême mat black and red lighter

Défi Xxtrême black lighter

Cling! For luxury lighters, the beauty is in the details

Cling! Only insiders would recognise this distinctive sound. As a result of chance, the crisp sound of the first Ligne 2 model for men has become an S.T. Dupont signature. Luxury lighter collectors choose it particularly for its unique sound. S.T. Dupont’s prestigious lighters demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship, earning the Maison the French luxury Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label. Its collections honour this accolade, where tradition and innovation blend to create exquisitely crafted products.

From Le Grand S.T. Dupont to Défi Extrême: The flame of creativity

The Maison’s eye for detail and precision makes its luxury lighters for men stand out. The collections have developed over time without compromising on the brand’s Savoyard heritage. The Ligne 2, by artisan jeweller Jean Van Dinh, was designed based on the golden ratio. Gianni Agnelli, Cary Grant and James Bond are among the well-known men that always have their precious model at hand. Always attentive to its clientele’s demands, the brand has created the Défi Extrême and XXtrême line. With a double torch flame system, these models can be used under all circumstances. These powerful lighters feature a full guilloche shell protecting the body. A translucent gradient window on the side shows the gas level. Or perhaps you might prefer the innovative USB key charging system powering the E-Slim range with a sleek and futuristic design, stowed in its full-grain leather case.

No fewer than 140 steps for artisanal precision

To produce the body and cap to such high standards, 140 individual steps are carried out in the workshops, where digital technology meets ancestral know-how. In the Savoyard workshops, the final step consists of checking the tone using a dedicated resonance controller. The item is only approved if it makes the perfect sound.

Luxury lighters for men: The art of lacquering and guilloche

The Maison S.T. Dupont works with talented master artisans to create these extraordinary premium products. In its workshops, the brand has mastered the art of natural lacquer and guilloche. Such techniques call for infinite precision, allowing a men’s lighter to be personalised for a gift or exceptional pieces to be made with refined French quality. The luxuriousness of an S.T. Dupont masculine lighter is truly in the detail.

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