S.T. Dupont: An exceptional Maison

The internationally renowned brand S.T. Dupont takes its name from the initials of its founder, Mr Simon Tissot Dupont. It is popular all over the world thanks to its expertise in crafting high-quality lighters, pens and leather goods. Founded in 1872 in Faverges, France, the Maison continues to excel and win over discerning lovers of luxury items on all continents.

Rare and exquisite pieces

S.T. Dupont lighters are composed of more than 70 pieces each and require between 500 and 600 steps to be produced. A single lighter takes four to five months to manufacture as each piece is one-of-a-kind. It is also customary for the worker who assembled the lighter to engrave their initials in the interior, attesting their pride to have contributed to the production of such a unique item.

The S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter: An original design

What makes the S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter so unique is the innovative dual-flame system combined with unprecedented large capacity. Owners of this prestigious model can light their cigar while another flame is on at the same time. It is a true collector’s item for enthusiasts!

Choose excellence

Selecting an S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter means opting for excellence. Fans of the Maison include key figures in the world of theatre, arts and politics. Discover our range of products on our website. You will enter the world of a French luxury brand with century-old expertise.

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