S.T. Dupont briefcases: A successful combination of luxury and functionality

Drawing from 150 years of excellence and passion for leather work, S.T. Dupont designs briefcases uniting innovation and functionality. Its heritage specialising in trunks lives on with premium leather pieces that reflect the brand’s style: high-quality leathers, royal blue lining, precious metals and a band marking the company’s French origin. In its workshops, the most talented workers create items that proudly represent a country known for its tradition of luxury and the finer things in life.

Classic or contemporary? Choose your luxury briefcase

Since it was founded, S.T. Dupont’s DNA has asserted its Parisian roots, which have attracted a chic and elegant clientele captivated by the brand’s exceptional legacy. Today, its unique know-how has resulted in pieces that are in tune with the times, perfectly adapted to the trends and needs of a society committed to sustainability. Men and women from every generation can use these briefcases in combination with other accessories and small leather goods from the brand. The company designs collections with each type of person in mind. These timeless and elegant models, produced using technical textiles and real premium leather, are proof of the brand’s luxury leather craftsmanship. The Line D collection’s understated and vibrant designs will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs thanks to its convenient features, including a magnetic closure, small pockets for a smartphone or wallet and a double handle. The S.T. Dupont Millénium models embody modernity with a combination of materials. The padded compartment will protect your laptop and loops in the front pocket can store ballpoint pens. A strap to carry the bag over the shoulder completes their design.

Leathers by expert producers for a remarkable finish

Each leather has its own personality. Tanning by hand accentuates its qualities and original features; this is the work of our expert leather artisans, who keep the heritage of proven practices alive, such as the Diamond Head technique. This type of leather work is exceptionally resistant to humidity, transportation risks and fluctuating temperatures. Thanks to the patina effect, the calf and cowhide leather shades have depth and an extraordinary feel. Palladium finishes and topstitching bring the beauty of smooth, grained and embossed leathers to the fore.

Create a prestigious, timeless set

S.T. Dupont collections are designed as a whole to create perfectly coordinated sets of leather goods. You can easily pair a business card case and credit card holder with a matching luxury briefcase. The city backpack is a perfect addition for trips needing more luggage. The Art of Travel is embedded in the Maison’s DNA. Trunks have now been replaced with bags to store our valuable digital devices, which are easier to carry and tailored to modern transport methods.

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