Cigar accessories

With the launch of the “Cigar Universe” collection, S.T. Dupont artisans link their timeless tradition with technical excellence to create signature cigar accessories designed for the true aficionado.

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S.T. Dupont cigar accessories

Cuban cigars offer a unique experience that calls for fine, state-of-the-art items. The Maison S.T. Dupont provides its clients with everything they need to preserve, transport and enjoy cigars. An initial-engraved leather case, lacquer lighter and cedarwood humidor are must-haves to complete your Havana cigar ritual. These cigar accessories add an undeniably elegant and refined touch to this pastime.

Cases and humidors for storage

The art of the Cuban cigar is also embodied in the way it is preserved. The S.T. Dupont Maison has crafted precious wood humidors equipped with a humidity indicator to keep them in the best condition. Tobacco preserves its aromas when kept cool. Its compartments provide easy storage. To always have a cigar on hand, you can slip a case into your jacket pocket, adjustable to the size of a cigar or cigarillo. The patina and stitching on these leather cigar accessories are handmade, demonstrating impeccable artisanal know-how and excellence.

Precious torch lighters

Just as one appreciates the time to try a fine wine, the time spent with a cigar should also be savoured. This requires having everything in place to enhance this experience, starting with a cigar cutter and lighter. A Cuban cigar always begins with a precise cut of the wrapper, the precious tobacco leaf covering the exterior. The Derby double blade cigar cutter covered in black lacquer and palladium pairs well with the lighter from this chic and elegant line. Vintage item enthusiasts will love the brushed-finish copper model with dynamic lines to combine with the Défi Extrême lighter, which can light a cigar at an altitude of more than 3500 m. A unique and rare pleasure to take in the landscape up in the clouds.

Beautiful accessories

S.T. Dupont creates luxurious sets of cigar accessories for discerning clients. It is the only Maison to master the art of engraving, lacquering and leather patina using a diamond powder like no other. Thanks to its long-standing collaboration with experienced artisans, these practices continue today to make sublime and rare objects with perfection in every detail.

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