S.T. Dupont lighters are made by our craftsmen with the greatest care.

In order to preserve their brilliance and performance over the years, we invite you to follow the care instructions below:

Please clean all surfaces with a soft cloth. Solvent-based products are not recommended. For silver-coated surfaces, use a special silver cloth available from specialist shops.

Please refill lighters with the appropriate S.T. Dupont refills and stones. Silver is a precious material that can show signs of oxidation over time. This natural phenomenon can be accentuated if your lighter remains in prolonged contact with leather or rubber.

For lacquer-coated surfaces, proceed in the same way as for your spectacle lenses: mist the surface and clean with a soft cloth. Lacquer is a material that is virtually unaffected by acids. Exceptionally hard, it is particularly resistant to knocks, scratches, rubbing and water. You'll find the table below showing the refills and stones for our lighters.

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