LIGNE 2 Golden/black Finishing
LIGNE 2 Golden/black Finishing
LIGNE 2 Golden/black Finishing

The Ligne 2, launched in 1972, has become the iconic S.T.Dupont lighter. The “Cling” sound produced by its opening is a true sign of recognition among insiders. Each lighter needs 600 operations, 300 controls, 70 parts and 100 hours of work to be made.


Alternation of lacquer and metal rules that creates a decorative effect. Approxiamately 5 coats of Chinese lacquer per pen/ lighter. Guillochage is a goldsmithing technique that consists of engraving straight, wavy, parallel or intertwined lines symmetrically on an object using a specifically shaped tool either made of tungsten carbide or a real diamond.

ref: RS150LI103