Jet Millennium blue-black backpack

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Jet Millennium blue-black backpack


Functional, efficient and trendy, this bag is designed for young and modern globetrotters. The aesthetic of this collection features innovative materials with a unique design, such as the Flyknit fabric, made of resistant and light threads. Developed exclusively by S.T. Dupont, this fabric with its unique pattern and colour gives the backpack lightness, durability and elasticity. The collection also makes use of an ultra-resistant matt black rubber with a soft, silky feel. All materials have been waterproofed for all-weather use.

- 1 main compartment with a padded laptop pocket
- two-way zipper closure
- luggage strap on the back
- padded and adjustable shoulder straps

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DIMENSIONS 30 x 40 x 8 cm

MATERIAL Rubber/canvas


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Care instructions

The Maison S.T. Dupont uses leathers from the best tanneries. Their refinement and naturally occurring touches (veins, wrinkles, grain, etc.) are a mark of authenticity for our items.

To ensure that your product remains exquisite over time, we recommend following the care tips:

• Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and humidity. In addition, exposure to the sun should be minimised. Keep the product away from any heat or humidity source that could degrade the material (radiators, rain, etc.)

• Avoid contact with oily substances, makeup products and solvents.

• Do not use polish, soap-based or waterproof cleaning products. In case of contact with these products, wipe gently with a soft, light-coloured cloth.

• Take care not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces.

• Avoid any prolonged contact with materials that may transfer pigment to your product, particularly light-coloured leather goods.

• The lining of our products is distinctive and processed to keep colour pigments stable. However, there is still a risk of dye migration.

• When not in use, store your product in the protective cover provided at the time of purchase.

Specific care instructions:

In case of stains or dirt, delicately dab your product with a soft, dry and light-coloured cloth.

In case of contact with water, dry your product with a soft, absorbent and light-coloured cloth. Do not use soap- or solvent-based products.

Textile lining: In case of stains, gently wipe your product with a soft, light-coloured cloth slightly dampened with soapy water (use a mild soap). Do not use solvent-type products.

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