GATSBY Red/Golden Finishing
GATSBY Red/Golden Finishing
GATSBY Red/Golden Finishing

In 1976 came out the film adaptation of the famous book “The Great Gatsby”. A decade was enough to make it a cult film. In 1989, the lighter of the same name is created… Stylish, elegant and mysterious like the hero of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The specificity of this lighter, his double “Godron“ will make it a cult object.


Vertigo pattern lacquer. To date, S.T. Dupont is the only House that has mastered the ancient technique of natural lacquering. The specific formula guarantees extreme durable products that will last for generations. The use of the lacquer allows the Maison to explore an unlimited choice of colors and decorations: Sunburst, intense vivid colors, gradations, guilloche under the lacquer and delicate glitter applications.

ref: RS150LI154